Build your dream home

Whether you’re inspired by a visit to another city or a walk down your street, Trademark Homes can help you make your dreams of a custom-built home your reality. Our single-family new home construction consists of five main phases:

Step Number 1 in building your dream home with Trademark Homes.

Contact your preferred loan officer or choose from our referral network of local professional lenders to research your construction loan options. We provide customers with a fixed-price contract for new home construction to avoid surprise expenses.

Construction workers building a custom home

The front of a custom Trademark Homes home

Step Number 2 in building your dream home with Trademark Homes.

Trademark Homes will help you not only decide on a new home community and secure a lot but also select a home plan design. We’ll modify your home plan to your specific needs, and guide you through the exciting and daunting interior and exterior design process.

Step Number 3 in building your dream home with Trademark Homes.

Our building manager will walk you through the costs of your new home design selections. Once approved, you’ll sign Trademark Homes’ custom home construction contract and share it with your lender. You’ll close on your lot at Preferred Title Company.

Step Number 4 in building your dream home with Trademark Homes.

Under our direction, various subcontractors will construct your custom home through stages such as: foundation; rough framing of floors, walls, and roof systems; electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installation; drywall hanging and insulation; and interior and exterior finishes.

Move In
Once the home inspector issues an Occupancy Certificate and we professionally clean your house, you’ll move into your dream home. Trademark Homes will walk you through your new home and its features as well as explain our 1-Year Builder Warranty.